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4.8.2007: Stud dogs

We would like to provide some information about stud dogs of our friend, Jana Nunvářová. The dogs have become fathers of many of our puppies. Feel free and contact us for more information by e-mail

Damian z Čachnovského ranče
Characteristic: red and white, full dentition
Born: 20. 5. 2000
Father: Bastien Hopsis
Mother: Lisselotte Vítězná
Achievements: 3 x VT, 2 x OV, CAJC, CAC, 3 x r. CAC

Damian z Čachnovského ranče
Damian z Čachnovského ranče

Ch. King Joe Sweet Devil
Characteristic: brown with tan, full dentition
Born: 6. 12. 2004
Father: Rauberlain´s Run For The Ribbons (br)
Mother: Katy Ajava Bohemica (br)
Achievements: Czech champion, CAJC, VT, OV, 2 x r. CAC, 5 x CAC, 4 CWC, r. CACIB

Barnie Nový Rybník - young dog
Characteristic: red and white, full dentition
Born: 4. 9. 2006
Father: ICh. Räuberleins Shooting Star
Mother: Cinderella from Cheering JP´s
Achievements: VN, The best young dog of the show, CAJC, Zw. mlodziezy

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